Monday, 4 February 2013

Humble Blogger Beginnings

I've been talking about blogging for a good long while. At least 3 years. I guess the main factors that prevented me from getting started were: 

1. I didn't really think you’d all be interested in the day-to-day mutterings of a full-time student. 

2. I wasn't sure how to get started. 

3. I didn't know what to include/write about/focus on. 

4. I didn't have a camera!

So I am no longer a student (graduation this Saturday - hurrah!). With my last student grant I bought myself a lovely Canon 600D which I brandish as often as possible. It has accompanied me on more recent trips back to India and Northern Ireland and on a road trip across the Nullarbor Plain to Adelaide and back again - (snaps and commentary to come!) My interests are many and varied. At the top of the list are travel; photography; design; food (cooking and eating!); bargain hunting; writing and reading; camping; live music and cocktails-that-contain-more-booze-than-mixer (i.e. gin martinis, old fashioned, negroni, sidecar etc.)

After getting a nudge from my boyfriend’s Dad Kieran, my friend Carrie Cox and sound advice from expert-blogger and university pal Jessie Papain I have finally decided to pull my finger out and begin telling you all about my very blessed, often amusing and rapidly changing life. Come on in. 

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