Monday, 11 February 2013

Graduation (finally!)

So, yes, I admit it. I took me 10 years to finish University. But I had a lot to do in between, okay? I got there in the end. The graduation ceremony was at Curtin and begun at 7pm on Saturday night. Apart from briefing the graduates in front of the crowd and a rather confusing speech from Peter Collier they managed to get through 700 names in under 2 hours (a solid effort). Being able to cheer on your friends  and gaze in wonderment at a special fireworks finale were definitely the highlights of the evening. Here and some snaps from the graduation, and the ensuing party at my place.

Me, Merv and Elle.

Me, Elle, Syan, and Merv (creepin'). 

Mum, Erin, Me, Dad. 

Me and Mike.

Group party photo (and me looking a little possessed!)

Sorry Liz, but this is funny!

So what's next you ask? Job hunt. Job hunt. Job hunt. Come at me.

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